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[setting development] How the Ajahs started [Jul. 1st, 2006|06:17 pm]
Wheel of Time: 200 years After the Breaking RPG


So, I've been working out how the Ajahs started (after some minor input from lord_of_entropy a few weeks ago).

This is just the seven Ajahs we have now, not the five extras that for whatever reason didn't make the cut. (See Robert Jordan's A Wheel of Time for more information.) I'd like to develop what those other Ajahs were, but, as those are more for back story purposes, I'm concentrating on what'll be open for PCs.

Also, I'm not sure whether to allow Darkfriends as PCs or NPCs, so I'm holding off on determining what the Black Ajah (if it existed) at that time was like.

So, an introductory bit. For those that don't know, an ajah (lowercase a) in the Age of Legends was simply a team or working group. It wasn't a permanant association.

Somewhere between the end of the Breaking, and 200 A.B., they became more permanant. At one point, a representative of each of the twelve Ajahs met up. By the time of our setting, it was reduced to seven, with three from each Ajah sitting in the Hall of Servants and the Amyrlin Seat presiding over them. (In a situation similar to the modern structure of the Aes Sedai.)

So, what follows is a description of why each ajah was formed, and became the foundation of the modern Ajahs. I'll be using the "color" designations for the modern Ajahs, but am open to them being called something else at the time of 200 A.B.

Blue: Currently known for their "causes", that was indeed the original purpose of this Ajah. They formed as a group of Aes Sedai attempting to bring back the hope of the world, following the breaking. They would find some sort of group of people, or some cause of some sort which needed help and would support it however they could.

Brown: The Browns were originally established to save as much knowledge of the Age of Legends as possible. They were almost soldier-like in their dedication to track down books, maps, and other items of the previous Age.

Green: The Green Ajah was a group of women dedicated to tracking down Shadowspawn who were left outside of Shayol Ghul when the seal closed in the Dark One and the Forsaken. They also held that the seal was not permanant, and that the Dark One could break out at any time. Because of this, they trained to be weapons for Creation. They also were the original developers of what came to be known at the "Tower Gaurd", a standing army for Tar Valon.

Grey: This Ajah knew that the anarchy and chaos of the world following the breaking had to be curbed. Thus, they began finding strong individuals with leadership skills and capabilities. They began molding these people into the new aristocracy, developing nations, and helping those nations develop laws.

Red: The Red Ajah started as an attempt to resolve the issues with Saidin. They worked with the men who they found could channel, and attempted to find a way to clense the male half of the source or to at least hold off the attempts of the taint. If one of the men in their charge went insane from the taint, it was their job to Gentle them.

They were actually the Ajah who first developed the Warder bond, in an attempt to offer the men stability. After a number of them went insane from this fashion, bonding male channelers stopped altogether. As those were the only men that the Reds bonded, they simply stopped bonding Warders all together.

Eventually, the practice of trying to clense the taint stopped, and they simply gentled any men who could channel.

White: The White was first founded in an attempt to preserve the philosphy of the Age of Legends. After the revelation of the existence of the Dark One, a complex religious spirituality about a "Creator" began, and about the "Creator's" struggle against the "Dark One". Needless to say, this didn't quite exist in the AoL. The Whites were founded in an attempt to bring back rationality and logic to the world as a whole and the Aes Sedai in specific.

In addition, due to the nature of the breaking, rash action had to be taken, without the time to consider the consequences of different actions. Unfortunatly, many Aes Sedai and non-channelers alike got in the habit of acting this way. The Whites also formed as a way of countering this. Of returning the world to thinking before acting.

Yellow: The Yellow Ajah was much then as it is now. Healers, one and all, they existed to cure sickness and wounds. At the time, however, there was too much for them to heal themselves. So, they went out in the world and started teaching herbcraft to whomever would learn. Too many thought that they were teaching how to channel, so few women responded and no men. As a result, the institution of "Wisdoms" or "Wise Women" or whatever they were called throughout the land was formed, and mostly amongst women. This also started the first network of "eyes and ears" among the Aes Sedai, for anything that the Wise Women would learn, they would pass along to one another and to the Yellow Ajah.

This is just a rough draft. I'm certainly open to changes, additions, etc. I'm not sure where we are on the timeline with the Reds. If we get a lot of interest in people playing male channelers, we might still have them at the stage of having them as Warders. However - both of these PC types would then have a finite amount of play time, depending on how long this campaign lasted. I don't think a male channeler could last more than a few years, and any female channeler who'd bonded him would last any longer than that.